Wyoming troupe with disabilities raising money for mental health research


WYOMING, Mich. – A group of people with a range of disabilities are taking center stage in Wyoming, throwing a performance that could put their organization in the lime light.

The premiere of ‘Pulling on a String’ was at Marge’s Donut Den Wednesday evening. Each cast member is facing some form of disability, but the group says nothing can hold them back.

“We all have a disability,” director Todd Wolf said. “We weren’t picked first on the team, you know?”

The performance is generating awareness for a noble cause. Wolf says the whole thing was done on a $1,200 budget.

“It’s about a theater owner who is under cover,” says Wolf. “So he’s like an undercover boss and plays a janitor.”

“Yeah there was a lot of takes,” says Joe Picker, an actor in the show. “I didn’t memorize any of the lines, I just read the script and I did the editing too.”

The group completed shooting the first three scenes of act 1, so there’s still more to do on the project.

The organization behind it is hoping to raise money for the treatment and research on mental health conditions. If you want to help, by emailing tawolfproductions@gmail.com or by calling him at 616-644-7133.

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